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This is about the freedom of citizens get together and this is about the freedom of everyone to dispose of his or her own body and spirit without causing harm to anyone.  To this day, citizens organizing to get access to their medicine (may be it curative, recreative or palliative) are criminalized. (Read the press communiqué of the General Procurators of 26 April, 2017). Similarly, citizens are being threatened only because they « possess » cannabis, a «crime» they are the only «victims».

This is why we are launching this Campaign : to defend these fundamental rights in peril even if…

As you probably understood, we also want to talk about cannabis. How to deal with the question of regulation in terms of public health, of respect of indivividual liberties and common good, while making consummers more responsible ?

In Belgium, an efficient model has proved this is possible, thanks to « Trekt Uw Plant asbl», the Cannabis Social Club.

By capitalizing on information, on a quality organic cannabis meeting the various needs of its members, and with a non-profit, local, relationship-building, sustainable and self-organized approach, TUP created job opportunities with a system that is not invasive of the public space. Social Clubs are private ASBL legal entities, to avoid any business kin, with a maximum of 400 members.

Trekt Uw Plant Benefit

Expect a great total spectacle on Saturday Feb. 1st from 3 pm: a one-manshow (+guests), a richly late year-end conference, nice tunes, children’s entertainment, refreshments, a second-hand market and so much more! Where ? Lobbensestraat, 3271 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem

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